Buy The Home You Deserve

Buying a home can be hard, and being self-employed, having less-than-stellar credit, or being a young homebuyer can make things harder. We help people who don’t fit the mortgage mold break into a new life of home ownership.

Financing for People Who Break The Mold

Ever since the dreaded Dodd-Frank, it can seem like it is impossible to get a traditional mortgage unless you fit a perfect mold. It’s like there is a sign at the bank that says entrepreneurs, commission employees, young people, and those with low-or-no credit need not apply. That’s why we finance our properties ourselves. We don’t fit the mold of real estate companies, so why would we expect you to fit the mold of a bank?

Owner Financing is Perfect For:

We know how hard it can be to get a mortgage, we’ve been there ourselves. If you break the mold and want a better way, call us today – (941) 212-0703 

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